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The Road to Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

When it comes to healing from childhood sexual abuse, everyone’s journey is different, from point of trauma to point of healing and beyond. There is a group of survivors in and around the St. Paul Minnesota area who have been willing to break the silence to help...

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Therapy: Removing the Stigma

In this day and age, where the world is full of ever-increasing resources to help improve quality of life through therapy, at Hope and Healing for Life, we find it interesting that therapy still carries some stigmas. And yet, consider these statistics: One in four...

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How to Know When it’s Time for Counseling

How to Know if the Time is Right to Seek Counseling At Hope and Healing for Life, too often, we hear stories of people putting off doing things that would actually improve their quality of life, like exercising, saving money, stopping a bad habit and/or even seeking...

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