Everyone knows:

  • change is inevitable
  • change can only happen in the real world
  • we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge

When Life Happens, We Can Help

Sometimes, life feels like one big roller coaster ride. One minute, your bills are paid, the next minute, you lose your job. Another day, you’re in great health, the next day your appendix ruptures. Loved ones pass away, you have an unexpected move and/or your last child leaves for college, and the life you once felt comfortable with now seems so overwhelming. Some changes do not affect us as much as others, possibly because the event happened when we felt emotionally strong enough to handle it, yet there are times when a life adjustment happens at a time when our coping skills are not as strong as they used to be. During times of personal struggles, it’s comforting to know answers are available.

When it comes to individual counseling, a bond of trust must be there, which is why it’s so important to take the time to find a counselor you believe in and feel comfortable with. I feel fortunate that, in my many years of counseling sessions, I have been able to experience countless continually mutually satisfying relationships, which is the key to the nurturing environment needed to understand and deal with change. I feel it’s important to work together to understand what changes you are experiencing, your perceptions about this change and your what we can do to help resolve these feelings and move forward.   

Coping with Change

People cope with change in all sorts of ways. Some look change straight in the eye and manage their way through it while others struggle to try and wrap their brain around any life adjustment. It has been said that we either soothe a problem or solve it.  At Hope and Healing for Life, the goal is to join you, on your journey, where you’re at and work with options that might work with your particular perceptions and goals, needs and wants.  

When is it Time to See a Therapist

They say a problem isn’t a problem unless it complicates your life. If the change in your life is causing any, or all of the following, the time might be right for you to seek counseling:

  • Feelings of sadness or being overburdened with life
  • Acting out through substance abusive behaviors (drugs, alcohol, food and/or sex)
  • Inability to work or sleep
  • Inability to enjoy the life you’re used to

At Hope and Healing for Life, our goal is to meet you where you’re at in your journey and help you emotionally come to the right conclusion for you, which should be the goal of every individual counseling session. Counseling is not a “one size fits all” experience and no one knows this or believes this more than Hope and Healing for Life.

Call us today and let’s get working to get you back the life you love in the way you desire.