When it comes to healing from childhood sexual abuse, everyone’s journey is different, from point of trauma to point of healing and beyond. There is a group of survivors in and around the St. Paul Minnesota area who have been willing to break the silence to help others along their way. Because of this, more and better help is available.

Where the Road Begins

The first and most important factor in the healing process is to find someone you trust and who is skilled at helping you heal. Hope and Healing for Life offers years of experience in knowing how to carefully help open up wounds that have been painfully residing inside you, possibly hindering you from becoming the person you desire and deserve to become.

We know there are many victims out there that believe abuse is better off contained inside rather than risking exploring the trauma, not knowing for sure what the outcome might be. However, while healing is an extremely delicate process, a highly skilled therapist like Ben Wolf can put the effects of the abuse to rest. For those who have come in to engage in this process, the outcomes have been amazing and very freeing.

Steps to Consider

Typically, victims seek counseling when:

  • they are chronically unable to find peace with their actions and reactions to daily life
  • they continually experience traumatic emotional and sexual challenges that cease to improve
  • their feelings of worthlessness continue to be overwhelming
  • they struggle with a recent awareness of the abuse

Get Help Today

A little girl protects herself with her palm

Healing from childhood sexual abuse involves a lot of steps to help alleviate the trauma of flashbacks and the negative effects that arise, including lack of self-worth and depression.

Some of the best forms of healing are found in such effective ways as:

  • being with people you trust and who love and support you, and embrace your efforts to heal
  • counseling to help explore the trauma of your specific sexual abuse
  • exercising to help you feel more confident and positive about life, as well as a general increase in your overall good health
  • meditating to practice peaceful, healing thoughts
  • keeping a journal to explore negative and positive feelings in a safe way
  • relaxation breathing to calm your troubled heart and mind

One of the most positive results that comes from the journey of recovery from childhood sexual abuse is knowing you survived, that your ability to survive is stronger than the traumatic event that took away your power in the first place. Regaining this power gives you a new lease on life to finally live your life your way.

Contact Hope and Healing for Life at (612) 643-1920 today and discuss the options that will help you find the healing you desire.