How to Know if the Time is Right to Seek Counseling

At Hope and Healing for Life, too often, we hear stories of people putting off doing things that would actually improve their quality of life, like exercising, saving money, stopping a bad habit and/or even seeking counseling.

Life is complex. Most of the time, problems resolve on their own or work out in a way that doesn’t interrupt our desire to have forward movement. However, every once in a while, a problem comes along that interrupts our life in a way that we are unable to get past it. Another way to phrase this is, “A problem isn’t a problem until it complicates your life.” If you have an issue that is causing a disruption in your life, it is time to go to counseling. Yet, even still, too many people hesitate to go.

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Why People Are Hesitant to Seek Counseling

Following are some of the most common reasons why people are reluctant to seek counseling:

Only crazy people go to counseling – people who seek counseling are ordinary individuals who have experienced upsetting trials in their life that they desire to work through and resolve. Like a person who sees a physician for life-interrupting headaches, counseling helps a person work through a life-interrupting issue.

I can just talk to my friends – friends are great to have and a valuable support system, however a qualified therapist, like Ben Wolf, is trained in listening, identifying, dissecting and resolving issues. Your therapy sessions should be a safe place, where your therapist learns all about you and helps identify where your real struggles might be, helps you resolve them, and then holds all of your discussions confidential from the outside world.  

I don’t have the time – for many of our clients, they are always so relieved to come to therapy because resolving their issue actually added more quality time to their life.

I don’t have the money – Nowadays, more and more insurance companies are covering counseling sessions We work with in-network and out-of-network insurance companies, have our private rate of $120 per hour and work with those who might need a reduced rate.

Therapists don’t really care, they just do it for the money – at Hope and Healing for Life, nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of Ben Wolf’s training came, not only from the classroom but from Ben’s personal journey working through life’s struggles. Because he knows about life’s ups and downs, he made the choice to dedicate his life to helping people find answers to their struggles.

I can’t imagine telling my most intimate issues to a complete stranger – this concern should actually be used as the test to know whether, or not, you have the right therapist for you. From the beginning, through the discussions you have, you should easily be able to detect if a bond of trust is being built, because only through this bonding can come the healing you desire.

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