Tired of Being Misinformed About How PTSD Can Affect You? Start By Busting These Myths

PTSD Counseling St PaulLike many other mental health disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also carries with it an unfortunate air of stigma and misinformation. This perspective also brings a plethora of myths to the table, which often keeps people from understanding the condition correctly. 

As a result, even when you understand the symptoms of PTSD, it can be challenging to reach out for help or seek treatment for the condition. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a stepping stone towards reaching out for help, you must learn more about PTSD. Busting common myths is a perfect place to start since it gives you an idea of what the condition is. This way, you can reach out to a mental health professional, like Ben Wolf, MSW, LICSW in Saint Paul, Minnesota, quickly.

Let’s get started on this short yet educational journey of debunking common PTSD myths so that you can learn more about this disorder. 

Remember to reach out for help with PTSD counseling when you need it the most. 

Only Veterans Suffer from PTSD

PTSD can affect anyone who goes through a traumatic experience. This issue includes but is not limited to those who have experienced domestic violence, natural disasters, road accidents, sexual assault, or death of a loved one. 

These traumatic events can alter a person’s state of mind and make them develop symptoms of PTSD.

It Only Affects Adults

Children that have gone through traumatic events can also develop PTSD. This experience can cause them to have severe anxiety, panic attacks, or negative thoughts. 

This reason is why you must seek help immediately if you see any behavioral changes in your child, especially after a traumatic event.

It Isn’t Treatable

PTSD can affect anyone who has suffered traumatic events in their past. No one can stop the condition by sheer will, and thus everyone is vulnerable to it. 

But always remember that proper help can allow you to seek relief from symptoms that affect your everyday life. 

Through various modalities, your professional therapist can help you be free from PTSD. This fact means that all you need to do is to reach out to an experienced professional. From there, you can set yourself on the path of living your life without the feeling of traumatic events dangling over your head.

Therapy Will Make You Relive Bad Memories

Not all modes of therapy require you to relive bad memories. But even if some of them do, it is done in a controlled environment. 

Exposure therapy is one practice that helps you face your fears safely. This practice can help you get closer to being free of PTSD with each session. But all of this is done without weighing yourself down. 

Since your therapist decides what level of exposure is best for you, this is something that only they can determine after an assessment. In most cases, they will not take the route of exposure therapy at all if you tell them you are not comfortable with it.

This is why you must reach out to a professional like Ben Wolf at Hope and Healing For Life for a proper answer instead of making assumptions on these myths.

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We ensure to give each of our patients our attention and employ best practices in trauma therapy. This approach helps us understand what our patients are going through and allows us to reach out to them in an effective manner. As a result, we can approach conditions such as PTSD in a way that leads to progress. 

If you live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and believe that you or your loved one are presenting symptoms of PTSD, then don’t hesitate to call us at Hope and Healing For Life today. We will be glad to help you seek proper treatment in a pleasant and friendly environment. 

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