Family Therapy

Mother and Son

No matter how much you care about another person or how well you get along, there will still be disagreements. Small  disagreements can become huge problems that  tear apart a once-tight bond. They make communication and resolutions difficult. It’s hard for individuals to know how to cope.

The most common causes of family problems are issues that are outside of a family members control. Divorce, financial concerns, loss of a family member—these can be devastating to the family unit.

If your family is having problems, family therapy or individual counseling can improve your relationships and communication. Counseling gives each family member a safe and helpful space to discuss their concerns.

Every family is different. Together we will create a unique treatment plan. This therapy will give you coping skills to relieve stress and deepen the connections between family members.

Why Choose Family Counseling

A family therapist or counselor will help identify the main problems that are causing conflict and help correct the issue by:

  • Teaching family members about the ways healthy families function, and how yours in particular works;
  • Shifting family focus away from the member suffering from mental illness or substance abuse onto the family as a whole;
  • Identifying conflicts and anxieties while providing safe strategies for resolution;
  • Strengthening bonds between family members so they can communicate better and solve their problems together;

Teaching ways to handle change so they are less likely to develop stressful patterns.