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How to Tell if You Need a Marriage Counselor

No one enters into a marriage with the expectation that the relationship will eventually go sour. Most couples believe in “happily ever after,” but what the fairytales fail to mention is that relationships take quite a bit of work. Rarely do we enter a marriage with...

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Couples Therapy Instead of Divorce?

Couples therapy or divorce? This is a question that most struggling couples ask, and the answer really depends on a number of things. While marriage counselors can’t “fix” marriages, they can help willing couples work through their issues, start making changes, and...

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4 Signs It’s Time for Couple’s Therapy

Every couple should be in-tune with the health of their relationship in order to address any pressing issues that crop up, so that a solution can be implemented as soon as possible. There are certain signs that tell you when a problem is becoming more than you and your partner can handle on your own. Here are 4 signs that should give you an indication that it’s time for couple’s therapy.

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Why Should We Go To Marital Counseling?

Over time, you may find yourself wishing your marriage was happier, healthier and filled with love and intimacy. Obstacles that you face as a couple can damage the bond of your marriage, such as frequent arguments, infidelity, financial difficulties, different...

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Why Should We Do Premarital Counseling?

A lot of engaged couples today are wondering whether or not premarital counseling is the right step for them.  If you don’t know about the process, you might not know about the benefits either, and at Hope & Healing for Life, we believe that this is a great step...

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