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How is COVID affecting Mental Health?

Before February 2020, individuals were busy with their 9-5 jobs, social lives, managing family life, and their career. After February and being required to be in quarantine for an extended period, many individuals were facing something that they were not used to...

Debunking Myths About PTSD

Tired of Being Misinformed About How PTSD Can Affect You? Start By Busting These Myths Like many other mental health disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also carries with it an unfortunate air of stigma and misinformation. This perspective also brings a...

How Clinical Hypnosis Works

The stigma around mental health is improving for the better. Those who were hesitant to address their problems are now finding the right through behavioral therapy. This shift in attitude is critical in receiving treatment on time. It also allows you or your...

5 Techniques to Help Manage Grief

Techniques For Grief Management Losing a loved one can be one of the most painful, traumatic experiences in life. The death of a spouse, parent, child or other close relative or friend can send even the strongest people into an emotional tailspin that leaves them...

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The Dangers of Compassion Fatigue

Sometimes caring can hurt. People who work as caregivers, including doctors, nurses and hospice staff, are in danger of developing compassion fatigue, a very unique form of chronic stress commonly seen in those who have devoted their lives to helping others....

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Coping With Loss

Losing a loved one is never easy. When someone close to you dies, you may feel like part of you has died as well. Things you used to enjoy may not give you the same happiness you used to feel, and you may find that you have trouble eating, sleeping or concentrating on...

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Benefits of Eating Disorder Therapy

In today’s society, men and women alike can feel pressured to conform to impossible standards of beauty that have been set forth by the media. Each year, more and more people find themselves facing an eating disorder in an attempt to achieve the unattainable ideals...

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