Every couple should be in-tune with the health of their relationship in order to address any pressing issues that crop up, so that a solution can be implemented as soon as possible. There are certain signs that tell you when a problem is becoming more than you and your partner can handle on your own. Here are 4 signs that should give you an indication that it’s time for couple’s therapy.

  1. Constant Intense Arguments: If you find that you and your partner rarely speak without erupting into an argument, a trained counselor can help you openly discuss feelings of isolation and resentment, as well as any pent-up issues that are not being addressed.
  2. Lack of Physical Affection: Over time, every couple will experience lulls in their expression of affection with one another. The decrease in physical affection becomes a greater issue when it has continued for an extended period of time; you find yourself wondering if your partner is in love with you any longer; and/or you no longer kiss, hug or touch one another. Couple’s therapy can effectively help you and your partner increase your display of affection with one another.
  3. Lack of Sexual Intimacy: Do you find yourself wondering if your partner finds you attractive or feel frustrated or concerned with the lack of sexual intimacy? Lengthy absences of sexual intimacy can be as damaging to your relationship as persistent arguments. If you and your spouse rarely engage in the sexual expression of your love for one another, an expert counselor can provide you with tools that revive your feelings of attraction to one another.
  4. Betrayal: Whether you or your partner have been unfaithful or damaged the trust between you with other negative behaviors, couple’s therapy is the first place to turn as a professional can provide a safe and comfortable space to work through any emotions and issues surrounding the betrayal to help your relationship return to a healthy state.

Couple’s Counselor St. Paul MN

Every couple deals with times in their relationships when they can greatly benefit from couple’s therapy. Often, a couple that has engaged in therapy, with an experienced expert counselor like Benjamin Wolf, MSW, LICSW, finds that their relationship is better than ever before. If you reside in Minnesota and feel that your relationship needs TLC, please call Ben Wolf with Hope and Healing for Life at 612-643-1920 or send an email to find out how to get your relationship back on track.