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7 Benefits of Seeing a Therapist

When life gets you down, it is often difficult to speak to friends and family about the things that bother you most. No one wants to put their life problems on the ones they love, and keeping these emotions bottled up inside will lead to a life of unhappiness. Seeing...

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What to Expect from Therapy

The planned course of therapy is tailored to the specific client and based around the approach and specialty of the therapist. The aim of therapy sessions and the therapeutic tools employed are often adjusted as new issues or obstacles are uncovered during sessions,...

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How to Reduce Stress

A modest amount of stress is a normal part of everyday life from rushing around to dropping a carton of milk. However, reoccurring stress linked to larger life issues, such as an unhealthy relationship or lack of anger management, has the potential to spiral out of...

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What to Expect in a Psychotherapy Session

Psychotherapy, which is also known as individual therapy or counseling, is a partnership between a client and therapist during which counterproductive patterns of thought and behavior are identified by discussing life’s events, memories, relationships, goals and...

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4 Signs It’s Time for Couple’s Therapy

Every couple should be in-tune with the health of their relationship in order to address any pressing issues that crop up, so that a solution can be implemented as soon as possible. There are certain signs that tell you when a problem is becoming more than you and your partner can handle on your own. Here are 4 signs that should give you an indication that it’s time for couple’s therapy.

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