Within the past decade alone, therapy has evolved to help a very significant amount of the population work through a wide array of personal issues. However, even with this proven track record, there are many among us that aren’t seeking assistance for whatever reason(s) and some that aren’t even aware that therapy can help with their specific issue. Continue reading to find out how you can benefit from therapy with someone like Hope and Healing For Life.


How Do I Know If I Need Therapy?

Life is full of stress and complications — you shouldn’t have to go it alone! If you find yourself with out-of-control emotions such as extreme anger or sadness, you would very likely see improvement with professional treatment. If you’re sleeping or eating either less or more than usual, withdrawing from your friends/family or just feeling a little ‘off,’ you should seriously consider talking to a professional psychotherapist such as Ben Wolf before it develops into a serious problem that negatively impacts your quality of life.

Another indicator that you might benefit from therapy is if you no longer enjoy activities that you used to love doing. This feeling can be due to deeper feelings of being ‘stuck in a rut’ and is a warning sign of depression that shouldn’t be ignored. The same goes for the opposite as well — if you suddenly find yourself drinking or using drugs often, spending more than you can afford, having overblown reactions to others or making knee-jerk relationship choices, it could be a sign of deeper problems. You may be using these behaviors simply to avoid dealing with difficult emotions or situations and talking to a professional can help you identify triggers and understand the underlying issues.


Types of Therapy Available

Trauma comes in many forms and affects each individual differently. If you can’t seem to put an experience behind you, and it’s having an effect on your life, job, relationships or disrupting your sleep, you should consider talking to a professional. Trauma and PTSD can happen to anyone, and therapy can help.

With psychotherapist Ben Wolf at Hope & Healing For Life, you can also receive therapy for adolescents – a unique practice focused around the obstacles and challenges faced in the early stages of life, as well as couples therapy which can be a key component to sorting through difficult issues and feelings that otherwise may fester and lead to larger avoidable problems.


Ben Wolf Can Help

Visit our website for more information on the therapy available for eating disorders, adolescent drug abuse and family counseling, as well as our EMDR therapy and clinical hypnosis availability. Ben Wolf created Hope & Healing For Life PLLC as a place where individuals and families could come to find hope in their ability to heal from life’s struggles. It is truly important to him to have an atmosphere where people can feel comfortable and empowered in the healing process, while at the same time developing goals and strategies for successful treatment.