Every marriage has its ups and downs. When you choose to marry, you vow in front of your family and friends to love and honor your partner for the rest of your life, for better or for worse. When the “worse” part crops up, however, you quickly find that it’s easier said than done! Before you call it quits on your marriage over common problems such as infidelity, financial issues, or irreconcilable differences, why not give couples therapy a try? You have nothing to lose, and you may even gain back the love and trust for your partner that you may think you’ve lost. Couples therapy is a choice that could potentially save your marriage, bring back the love to your union, and keep you together when the road gets rocky.


Why Choose Couples Therapy?

As anyone who has been married for a long time can tell you, there comes a point when the old romance fades and real-world problems like kids and debt enter the picture. Even married couples with a strong foundation can see it begin to crack a little at a time when major stressors as well as minor, everyday irritations cloud your relationship and make the initial love you felt for one another take a backseat. By choosing couples therapy, you and your spouse can see your relationship through the lens of a professional who is trained to help people understand each other. Your couples therapy provider can listen to both sides of your story and help you and your spouse pinpoint great strengths in your relationship, as well as areas that could use a little improvement.


Marriage Fitness Through Couples Counseling

Many people tend to think of couples therapy as a last-ditch effort before a warring couple files for divorce. While this is sadly sometimes true, it’s best to think of couples therapy as fitness classes for your marriage. You work out at the gym to maintain a certain level of physical fitness and to ensure that you stay healthy; it’s really no different to attend couples therapy sessions with your spouse to maintain the fitness of your relationship to preserve its health as well! By attending couples therapy sessions, you and your spouse can work through minor issues before they become major grievances that could threaten the sanctity of your partnership.


Ben Wolf, Psychotherapist and Counselor in St. Paul, MN

Couples in St. Paul and surrounding areas can receive tips for improving communication, strategies for diffusing arguments and problem-solving techniques that provide a fair outcome for both partners by attending couples therapy sessions from psychotherapist Ben Wolf. Let Ben Wolf help you and your partner work through a variety of common marital problems including intimacy issues, infidelity, financial issues, family concerns and communication deficiencies. Ben Wolf has helped countless St. Paul couples revitalize their marriages and rebuild the foundation of their partnership stronger than ever before. Call 612-643-1920 today to schedule your initial consultation with Ben Wolf and get ready to get your marriage back in shape!