When you enter into couple’s therapy in St. Paul, you’re taking the first step to restoring your relationship. But there are several issues that may arise during the course of your therapy sessions. You may be willing to go to therapy, but this doesn’t mean that your partner is willing to go to therapy or that he or she will cooperate in the same manner that you do.

Several common obstacles exist, and they can be trying for even the most loving couple.

Some of the obstacles that you may face include:

Waiting for Your Partner to Change

All too often, we see couples where one partner is reluctant or unwilling to change their ways. For example, if your partner spends money frivolously and you’re struggling financially, we may recommend to your partner that they learn to control their spending habits.

This change may come with a lot of resistance and unwillingness from your partner.

Waiting for your partner to change will be a difficult time in your relationship. There is also the chance that he or she may not change, but going to therapy is the first step to resolving your relationship problems.

Keeping Secrets

After offering services in St. Paul for years, we know that it’s very difficult for you to trust a therapist with all of your relationship issues and secrets. Relationships are intimate, and letting somebody else into your life is a very difficult and trying situation.

You or your significant other may be keeping secrets which not only harm the therapy session, but also harm your relationship.

Both parties need to be very open and honest during the therapy sessions, and secrets cannot exist among couples or the therapist.

A good rule of thumb is that a secret that is harming your relationship can no longer be a secret. Every couple has their own secrets, but those that harm your relationship need to be discussed with your therapist.

Not Continuing with Therapy

You may have been with your partner for months, years or even decades. When you’re in a relationship for this long, it takes time to work through your issues and to resolve your problems. Therapy is not a solution that materializes overnight. You need to continue going to therapy sessions, and trusting in the process in an attempt to overcome any obstacles you may face in the relationship or during therapy.