Raising children and having a family has always been challenging, but it has arguably become even more so in recent years. While many issues will work themselves out over time, there are many instances where family counseling may benefit you and your loved ones. Today’s article will break some myths and explain how family therapy can be advantageous for your household.


Myth Busting

There are multiple myths about family therapy that you should ignore.

  • Good families don’t have issues.
  • If you’re a good parent, your child will never experience issues.
  • Well-adjusted parents easily balance work, parenting, and personal life.
  • Raising children is easy and should never cause stress.
  • Family therapy is only for seriously troubled families.

These myths only serve to make it harder for many families to seek the help they really need. The fact of the matter is — healthy, well-adjusted, “normal,” every day families often encounter problems. There is nothing “bad” about you selecting to undergo family counseling and it is no way a slight on your parenting or your children.


Common Issues Plaguing Today’s Families

Of course, every family is different and while many issues are indeed common across all boundaries, you may find yourself facing any or all of the following:

  • Communication Breakdown – Healthy communication is vital and without it, it’s impossible for families to function.
  • Discipline Issues – Many parents aren’t sure how to effectively discipline or may feel like they have tried all of the strategies on the market but none have been effective.
  • Parenting Challenges – Of course, children present different concerns at various ages and many of them can be challenging.
  • Divorce – The divorce rate is still over 50% these days and these changes often are stressful and distressing for the entire family.
  • Newly Blended Families – Many families become “blended” or an amalgamation of former unions these days and children can require an adjustment period or may benefit from professional counseling.


How Therapy Can Help

Family counseling can help improve relationships and communication and give family members a place to discuss their problems and concerns in a safe and helpful environment. Each family and their problems are different and having a unique treatment plan specific to your family will help give you and your family skills to cope with stress and deepen the connections between family members.


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