Now more than ever the transition from childhood to adulthood, aka the teenage years, is a critical time in every adolescent’s life as they face more pressure than ever before. Your teen may need counseling appropriate to their needs to work through the issues inhibiting them from living their life to the fullest, and many behaviors and problems that should be addressed quickly. Preferably with a counselor that specializes in adolescent therapy and that understands the teenage mind and the struggles that they face.

Common Issues Teens Face

Some of the factors that may be affecting your teen:
Increased Academic Requirements & Pressures
Increased Social/Peer Pressure
Increased Responsibilities
Low Self-Esteem / Body Image
Eating Disorders
Alcohol Abuse
Underage Sex / Teen Pregnancy
Drugs/Substance Abuse
Cyber Addiction

Testing boundaries and challenging adult authority, including your own of course, may sometimes seem to be your adolescent’s ultimate goal and can be a trying time for the entire family. Adolescent Therapy is a counseling practice uniquely focused around the diverse experiences that occur during this challenging phase of life.

Adolescent Behaviors that Therapy Addresses

Alcohol & Drug Use – Confronting your teenager about suspected drug or alcohol use can inadvertently worsen the situation. One of the best things you can do for your child is to set up an appointment for drug and behavioral therapy.
Eating Disorders – Eating disorders will quickly deteriorate a person’s health even if they only occasionally fast, binge, and purge. The road to recovery for those who struggle with eating disorders can be very long and, but with the right support, these are behaviors that can be unlearned.
Trauma & PTSD – Therapy is the most effective treatment for those struggling with post-traumatic stress. Experienced therapists can help you make sense of your experiences and feelings and help you develop safe, long-term coping skills.

Therapy can also assist with:
Anger & Aggression
Anxiety & Fear
Depression & Irritability
Parental Conflicts
Low Academic Effort
Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, and other chronic illnesses
Sexual Assault & Rape

Finding a good adolescent psychotherapist in St Paul, Minnesota can be challenging, especially when you need qualified assistance as quickly as possible. Ben Wolf’s adolescent therapy at Hope & Healing for Life involves working one-on-one with a trained individual therapist in a safe, caring and confidential environment with a unique focus customized for the obstacles faced by the intense experiences of today’s youth. No two problems are alike, and together we will formulate a treatment that works for you and what you’re currently facing.