We Provide Eating Disorder Therapy

More than 200,000 people deal with some form of an eating disorder. That said, gaining knowledge, seeking eating disorder therapy, and recovery are crucial for anyone trying to overcome this debilitating disease.

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Understanding Eating Disorders

There are 3 different types of eating disorders. The first and most common throughout the U.S. is anorexia nervosa. This type of eating disorder controls your food intake and weight so much that it leads to an obsession, causing brain and other organ damage.

The second most common eating disorder is bulimia nervosa; forces you to eat large amounts of food at once, later expelling it through exercise, vomiting or laxatives. This causes tooth decay, dehydration, and other serious health problems.

Last but not least is binge-eating disorder. This disorder is a loss of control with eating leading to obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In order to better understand how an eating disorder affects your body and how you can distinguish the different types of eating disorders.

Seeking Eating Disorder Therapy

Now that you have a basic understanding of how an eating disorder affects the mind, body, and soul, the most important step to recovery is asking for help. You cannot do it alone.

An eating disorder can tear your life apart. By not seeking help you are letting your disorder control your health, social life, and family life. Your work or school work will suffer along with your sense of worth; bringing conflicting thoughts and feelings that start to leave you ashamed and embarrassed.

Eating Disorder Therapy from Hope & Healing For Life

Eating Disorder Therapy can help, visit Hope & Healing For Life to understand that asking for help is okay and encouraged to aid your recovery. We’re on the road to rehabilitation. The most important step to a full recovery is admitting you have a problem. The only person who can change your life is YOU. You cannot get better unless you actually want to get better.

If you’re in or around the St. Paul, Minneapolis area, Hope & Healing For Life offers individuals, couples, families and EMDR Therapy. We provide Eating Disorder Therapy for which you can contact us by email or phone here. Learn to listen to your body and finally accept, love and trust yourself again. You deserve to regain control of your own life.