While suicide is not a mental illness, it is a serious consequence of treatable mental disorders. Mental disorders include, major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse disorders, amongst others. It is important to identify symptoms of suicide and find immediate therapy for suicide prevention. There are warnings that can help people identify if someone has suicidal tendencies. People with suicidal tendencies can be a danger to themselves and it is important to act fast. According to the Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the following are some warning signs to look out for .

  • Excessive sadness or signs of moodiness may show that a person has suicidal tendencies. Examples of these symptoms may be things such as mood swings, rage or long-lasting sadness.
  • Feelings of hopelessness and exhibiting signs that show a person has little expectation about the future. If a person talks about having no reason to live or says they feel like they might be a burden to others and would be better off gone, those may be signs of suicidal tendencies.
  • People who act recklessly with no regard for their life may also be suicidal. Examples of this could be looking for ways to injure or kill themselves.
  • Loved ones should keep an eye on a person if they are visiting or calling people to say goodbye. Signs may also include giving away their prized possessions.
  • Someone who exhibits symptoms of withdrawal from society, becoming isolated from family and friends and sleeping too much could be exhibiting warning signs of suicide.
  • Lastly, an increased use of drug or alcohol to numb the pain of their sorrows may also contribute to suicidal tendencies.

Many of these symptoms may be attributed to mental illness.

Therapy Can Help

Luckily, for the sake of patient’s families and the sake of the patient, therapy is available to those who exhibit suicidal tendencies. Speaking with a licensed psychotherapist can help those in need. If you are struggling with mental illness and need help overcoming thoughts of suicide, St. Paul, MN Psychotherapist Ben Wolf is here for you.

While cognitive therapy for suicide prevention may not solve all of your problems, it is a step in the right direction leading toward a healthier and happier life.

Contact Ben Wolf today by calling 612-643-1920 to schedule an appointment. Remember, you are not alone and your life matters. Make the call the today.