Everyone gets sad once in awhile. Sadness, like any other emotion, is part of the human experience, and nobody is immune from occasionally feeling blue. This is especially true if you are dealing with life changing events. The loss of a loved one, change in job or environment, or the end of an important relationship are difficult. However, when the sadness goes on for an inordinately long period of time, or if there is no apparent cause, you may be experiencing symptoms of depression. While it is strongly recommended that you speak with a mental health professional for help with your depression, there are some actions you can take to work through it and begin to feel better. Here are a few ways to cope with depression and come out stronger on the other side.

Keep in Touch

When you are depressed, it is tempting to withdraw from your friends and loved ones and stay isolated in your room with little to no contact. Reaching out to even your closest, most trusted friends and family members can be difficult when you are depressed. Especially if you have been avoiding them for some time, but it is a necessary step for building the bridge that is going to bring you back from your depression. Staying connected to your loved ones may not only improve your mood, but it almost forces you to get out of your house, or at least out of your head, for a little while, and this is key to your recovery.

Find Your Happy Place

Quick, what makes you smile? Do you have a hobby, interest or activity that makes you feel good every time you do it? Rekindling  old interests you used to love and enjoy is a great way to counter depression. This can be picking up a sport or hobby you used to love, or learning a new skill. Whatever your outlet is, expressing yourself can help you combat  negative thoughts and feelings that are making you depressed. Not to mention give you the exercise, stress management, and creative outlet you need.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Many formerly depressed individuals cite changes in their diet and exercise as the catalyst for their recovery. By making a few key lifestyle changes, you will feel better physically. This can lead to an uptick in your emotional health as well. Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep and finding a good work-life balance, you may find your depression fading. You will slowly being to uncover the best version of yourself!

Seek Professional Help

If you are struggling with depression and would like to speak with someone, licensed St. Paul MN psychotherapist Ben Wolf is here to help. Ben Wolf understands that it takes an overwhelming amount of courage simply to make the initial call to a mental health professional, and looks forward to helping you come out on the other side of your depression as a stronger, healthier individual with a positive outlook on life. Contact St. Paul MN psychotherapist Ben Wolf today at 612-643-1920 to schedule your initial consultation. Make the call that could change your life- Ben Wolf wants to help you get better!