No one said growing up was easy. But what happens when it becomes too much to handle alone? Sometimes, the struggles of the teenage years necessitate professional support. Read on to find out more about how adolescence affects your child, and how adolescent counseling can help teenagers navigate this sometimes challenging time.

Adolescence is a time of transition from childhood to adulthood, and for many teenagers, it can be a difficult and emotionally volatile period. Puberty typically occurs during adolescence, and these sometimes sudden physical and emotional changes can be a source of stress, confusion and poor self-esteem. Many adolescents also begin to grapple with their identity during this time; these experimentations and explorations can be an exciting opportunity for growth, but they can also be destructive.

In an attempt to establish their own independence and sense of self, some teenagers may withdraw from their families, rebuke authority and rebel against parent involvement in their lives. As teenagers experiment with their perceived role in the world, they may begin to form new habits of behavior that hurt themselves or others around them, straining familial relationships and academic performance.

The turbulence of the adolescent years can have a significant impact on teenagers’ mental health. Depression and anxiety often develop during adolescence, and eating disorders and substance abuse are also particularly common during the teenage years. Whether your child is suffering from a diagnosable mental health condition or simply struggling to find their place in the world, adolescent therapy can be an invaluable support during this time of growth and change.

Adolescent therapy can help your teen develop healthy habits and attitudes to cope with this time of change, and these habits can extend into a happier and more productive adulthood. In order for therapy to be effective, it’s important to find a therapist that you and your child trust. When meeting with a potential therapist, ask about their previous experience working with youth and how they’ve approached therapy with adolescents going through similar experiences your child is facing.

If you’re seeking adolescent therapy in St. Paul, MN, Ben Wolf is an ideal choice. His extensive training and counseling experience coupled with his background working with teenagers make him uniquely suited to help your teen navigate their way through their adolescent years. Call (612)643-1920 to schedule a consultation with Ben and get your teenager started on a track to a happier, healthier adolescence.