There are a myriad of reasons that prompt an individual to seek the guidance that therapy has to offer. Depending on many factors, your recommended number of sessions may be completed a few months or can continue for longer than a year. While there are no set time periods for how long a person should go to therapy, here are 4 signs that may indicate it’s time to consider closing your sessions.

  1. Your therapist believes you are ready to end therapy. If you are working with an experienced therapist, like Benjamin Wolf, MSW, LICSW, you can have confidence in your therapist’s judgment that you have significantly improved your thought processes and overall quality of life, as well learned effective coping strategies that will aid you in dealing with the ups and downs in your life’s future journey.
  2. The personal growth you have achieved from therapy has reached a plateau. You may arrive at a point in which you do not feel the initial issues that brought you to therapy have been resolved, yet you also feel you have learned as much as you ever will from this one particular therapist. If you feel your growth has stagnated, it may be wise to end your sessions and find another therapist from whom you can continue to receive ongoing treatment.
  3. You are uncomfortable during the sessions. The foundation of effective therapy is built upon a therapist providing the client with a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviors can be shared. If you do not believe you are receiving unconditional acceptance from your therapist, you should first express this to your therapist. If you therapist cannot allay your concerns, it may be time to move forward with finding a therapist who puts you at ease.
  4. After participating in a few sessions, you do not feel that therapy is right for you. The effectiveness of therapy is largely dependent on the client believing it is helpful. However, before giving up on therapy entirely, meet with more than one therapist. It is important to find a therapist with whom you “click” to accurately judge whether therapy is your ticket to living a happier life.

If you are seeking a therapist for the first time or looking to find a new therapist, Benjamin Wolf, MSW, LICSW, of St. Paul, MN, has the experience, training and welcoming personality you need to guide you to a healthier state of living. To schedule an initial consultation, send an email today or call Hope and Healing for Life at 612-643-1920 to realize the full benefits of therapy by working with Dr. Wolf.