The State of Minnesota requires that you fulfill 4000 hours of clinical supervision to meet the minimum qualifications to obtain eligibility for licensure as a LICSW. Out of these 4000 hours, 1800 hours must be able to be defined as, “direct clinical client contact.” If you already hold the designation of LGSW and wish to become a LICSW, you will need 200 hours of clinical supervision to be eligible with 100 hours in one-on-one supervision and 50 hours of in-person supervision.

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Regardless of the number of hours you must complete, these hours must be completed under the guidance of a supervisor approved by the Minnesota Board of Social Work. In order to be approved, the clinical supervisor must have completed 30 hours of training in supervision through an accredited educational program, as well as completed 2000 hours in authorized social practice work and 1000 hours in clinical practice.

If the supervisor you have chosen is not approved to conduct clinical supervision, your hours will not count towards the necessary requirements for clinical supervision in Minnesota.

When you are choosing your clinical supervisor, you will need to verify their eligibility to serve as an advisor and examine the type of experience you will gain. You will be spending a great deal of time with this professional and it wise to seek out a supervisor that can provide you with a rich learning environment that will expose you to a wide variety of clients and techniques to gain the most out of your clinical supervision time.

To be certain you will gain valuable knowledge and experience from your clinical supervision, you must find a clinical supervisor like Benjamin Wolf, MSW, LICSW, whom has experience in treating clients that present with varied and comorbid issues, such as eating disorders, trauma, adolescent issues, marriage difficulties, anxiety, depression, family issues, etc.

This clinical supervisor must also be experienced in successfully implementing and conducting different treatment modalities for the benefit of the individual client, such as with clinical hypnosis, EMDR and family-based therapy.

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If you are in need of clinical supervision in Minnesota, contact Ben Wolf with Hope and Healing for Life at (612) 643-1920 or send an email to arrange for clinical supervision that will provide you with the experience and support you need to feel confident to go out on your own after you obtain your license as a LICSW.