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Signs That You May Need Couples Counseling

No matter how in love you are with your partner, there may come a time in your relationship where you no longer feel the instinctive urge to ignore their quirks, their eccentricities or their difference of opinion in the name of said love. When that time comes, rather...

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How Therapy Can Help With Eating Disorders

No matter what you think, most of the time you cannot tell that someone has an eating problem or disorder just by looking at them. Experts believe that eating disorders may be caused by a variety of factors. Although they can affect people of any gender at any stage...

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How Can Therapy Help Me?

Within the past decade alone, therapy has evolved to help a very significant amount of the population work through a wide array of personal issues. However, even with this proven track record, there are many among us that aren’t seeking assistance for whatever...

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The Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis

Today hypnosis is about as mainstream as an alternative therapy can get. Clinical hypnosis helps patients with anything from mental trauma, depression and anxiety to PTSD, eating disorders and stuttering. The list goes on and on. This form of therapy can help calm...

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Eating Disorder Therapy

More than 200,000 people deal with some form of an eating disorder. That said, gaining knowledge, seeking eating disorder therapy, and recovery are crucial for anyone trying to overcome this debilitating disease. Understanding Eating Disorders There are 3 different...

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